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Your company will have the tools to safely connect devices (IoT), reduce costs, detect and manage challenges to your physical internal/external perimeter, improve public safety and asset protection, and proactively secure access-points to your critical infrastructure. These systems work effectively together and can be augmented as needed.

Team Experience with Marquee Corporations

Team Experience with Various USA and International Law Enforcement Agencies


IoTech Protect

Endpoint Services & Solutions

IOTechProtect, LLC, a Michigan, USA based LLC, has partnered with several developers of highly needed technologies, including IT and security technology developers, distributors and producers in Europe, Asia, and North America with more than 20 years of experience supporting the European and North American markets. We provide comprehensive solutions to meet ever-growing and changing physical and cybersecurity demands with very powerful, state-of-the-art, technologies in critical need areas including:

Cyber Protection

Expert assessment and a customized platform to keep your data secure and compliant. Specializing in the integration of IoT companywide.


IoTech Protect’s team and partner product lines protect hardware, software, personnel, visitors and premises for organizations of any size. Advance planning for any and all types of attacks provide peace-of-mind to focus on the products and services you provide.


State-of-the-art products and services to secure critical infrastructure.

Our Partners

Cyberspace, Dermalog, ViiSights, PrimeKey/KEYFACTOR, Planix Group, and others.


Internal Security

Advanced biometric detection devices limit staff and visitors’ access to restricted areas. Real-time video surveillance and reporting to assist your security team.

External Security

Innovative AI-driven video surveillance and behavioral analysis reports to security staff. Crowd, traffic, and suspicious event analysis in real-time. Drone surveillance saves time and costs for larger areas.

About Us

We provide extensive, recognized experience.

Our team has extensive experience with military, law enforcement, and major clients in international forensic cyber threat detection. In addition, we offer cutting-edge products with advanced biometric scanning technologies, real-time video surveillance, and optical equipment using artificial intelligence and drone technologies. These solutions have been successfully implemented in office, manufacturing, hospital, school, sporting venue, and public transit settings to ensure that only the right people are granted access to the right data, equipment, and areas at the right time.

IoTech Protect Solution

Our state-of-the-art products and services are based on advanced biometric scanning technologies, artificial intelligence, real-time video surveillance, optical equipment, vehicles, and drones to provide management, employees, and customers with a secure and safe work environment.

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