Cyber Security

Cyber Security

IoTech Protect Optimized Cyber Protection

IoTech Protect works with organizations’ teams to develop internal infrastructure and processes to assess cyber security threats and challenges. IoTech Protect detects and prioritizes system vulnerabilities and implements best practices to prevent breaches – now and in the years to come.

Protecting Digital Assets

The use of connected devices within organizations is growing at exponential rates and focusing only on cyber protection in an IT silo leaves gaps that cyber criminals can exploit for internal system access. All too often, well-intended solutions give cyber criminals new access points to penetrate the digital and physical perimeters.

IoT devices are those devices that collect, transmit and analyze data that is used internally, may be stored and transmitted within and outside the company. All access points for connectivity must be secured to keep data, the internal and external perimeters, people and devices safe from cyber-based intrusion.

Our cyber protection suite includes a comprehensive digital security package focusing on IoT to be sure that vulnerabilities are thoroughly assessed, analyzed, and managed. Our highly trained team and protocols protect investment in critical infrastructure necessary to run a thriving enterprise.

Strengthening Internal Team

We have customized, compliant systems built on best practices to help companies assess vulnerabilities and secure physical and digital access to IoT systems. Our team of cyber crime experts will work with existing personnel in all applicable departments to see where and how data is needed, ensure safe authentication, and protect investments from criminal attack.

We complement your internal IT resources and help implement the best service and product solutions, integrating and securing all points of access. Our client base is unparalleled industry wide, including extensive international and law enforcement cyber crime fighting expertise.

An investment in our cyber protection services will secure data, people, physical assets and your company’s reputation.

Cyber Security

In-Source Cyber Protection

In-Source Cyber Protection is a comprehensive and agile platform, developed by our cybersecurity team recognized for its cybercrime detection and prevention experience. We enhance your existing cybersecurity resources and bulletproof systems with an infrastructure you control and manage in-house. IoTech Protect will support the development and execution of these long-range strategic plans, helping you adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape.

IoTech Protect

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Protecting data and authorizing remote and on-premise equipment and users is essential to keeping your business secure. In collaboration with PrimeKey/KEY FACTOR, IO Tech Protect builds, manages, and helps clients maintain a best practice, proven, and compliant PKI system.

IoTech Protect

Components of PKI

EJBCA Enterprise

A powerful and flexible way to issue, manage, and maintain digital certificates. This is a complete PKI management system built on an open-source platform. It secures data, user identities and physical devices with encryption and managing, authorizing, and securing certificates for system use.


A versatile server-side application for creating digital signatures. Digital signature software, with Time Stamping, based on PKI signing used to sign any digital document, code, PDFs, ePassports, and more. SignServer is used as an embedded part of many widely known signing systems.

Identity authority manager hardware

Identity Authority Manager

Enables users to securely issue digital certificates or ‘birth certificates’, for devices and units during the production process, so the data exchange is securely authorized and protected from unauthorized usage.

PrimeKey SEE

First patented and protected full-size, rack-mounted Intel x86 server for critical data and hardware protection from operating system to virtualization to application.

IoTech Protect

Cyber Laboratory: Security Simulation

  • Cyber Laboratory is a physical venue designed to simulate infrastructures to identify hardware and software-based open nodes and other potential internal and external vulnerabilities.
  • Developed by a highly-skilled team of professionals with direct, hands-on, expertise in cyber-crime units for forensic analysis of system vulnerabilities and complete physical infrastructure.
  • Cyber Laboratory can be used by private and public organizations, as well as in academic settings to allow learning and practice finding system vulnerabilities.
  • Cyber Laboratory allows clients to learn the latest innovations, trouble shoot response methodology, and test resistance to specific cyber threats. The goal is to reduce security risks and ensure compliance with the security and specific industrial regulations, protocols, and best practices.
  • A Cyber Laboratory can be set-up at your location or at one of our regional sites to best meet customer needs.


Team Experience with Marquee Corporations

Team Experience with Various USA and International Law Enforcement Agencies

IoTech Protect Team

Global Experience

  • Cybersecurity for financial, health and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Cybersecurity for software development companies.
  • Digital forensic analysis in international environments.
  • Cyber intelligence: Cyber-crime units within law enforcement, military, & the private sector.
  • Each member with more than 11 years experience in cybersecurity.
  • Securing critical national infrastructure for countries in Eastern Europe.
  • Recognized for work with Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide, including the FBI Director’s Award, BKA  Germany, Serbian police Ministry.
  • Recognized for contribution to international cyber operations teams including BKA Germany, Serbian police Minister.
  • Extensive identification, analysis and takeover of malware infrastructure.
  • Global threat hunting for private sector clients.

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