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The Youth Movement

Reading is a fundamental act of civilization. Reading educates and entertains, instructs and delights. We read for the same reasons we have conversations – to enrich our lives. Through reading and conversation, we are able to learn from others, reflect on ourselves, and better navigate a conscious life.

Reading also enlarges our vocabulary so we can better express our thoughts in the world we live in. Reading great content helps to examine, articulate and explore the eternal differences. Therein lies the core of what it means to be a human being. Through experiencing love, hate, fear, jealousy, joy, and pain, reading can help answer the most profound, existential question of all – what is the purpose of our existence.

Reading helps us to think, feel, and reflect—not only upon ourselves and others but upon our ideas, and our relationship with the world. Reading deepens our understanding of the world we live in and helps us live mindfully.

Reading great content shows us that what it means to be human seemingly transcends space, time, race, class, gender, culture. Reading can teach us universal human truth and reconfirm our humanity.

Reading is the most healing of pleasures and alleviates loneliness. Reading content can transport us to other realms, other time periods throughout history, and can help us empathize with different human beings from different walks of life.  

Great books are intellectual and spiritual physicians, they provide ideas for the mind and faith for the soul. Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.Think of the great readers in history Julius Caeser, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, and many more.

The goal of Qwarter is to help you think, reflect, and better understand the complexities and uncertainties in the world in which we are living in. Our wish is to have each reader walk away from Qwarter with a deeper understanding of the information they read and a fresh sense of curiosity.

Of course, not all posts will appeal to everyone so we’ve decided to structure Qwarter using multiple categories to appeal to your unique interest as a reader. We want to explore the ideas, models and methods used by historically thoughtful people to challenge our own ideas and gain a broader perspective of living in the Qwarter life.