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Industry Type: Wellness App

Location: New York, NY

Company Size: Start up

Product: Personalized Nudges

JOURNEY NUDGE brings together data-driven insights, technology, and behavioral science to deliver hyper-personalized nudges at scale — improving individual development, well-being, autonomy, adaptability, and effectiveness. The results? People living more meaningful, fulfilling lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion.


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JOURNEY is a comprehensive digital platform designed to support individuals in navigating the challenges of the modern work environment. Its vision is to create a platform that enables coaches, mentors, and guides to customize their offerings based on a curated template of tested nudges. Unlike a traditional SaaS play, JOURNEY is focused on becoming a platform that feeds into another, driving rapid revenue growth and gross market expansion.

Creating a unified experience for professional development and well-being. 


Users receive personalized prompts that help them turn intentions into actions, overcome obstacles, and leverage data-driven insights to enhance their performance. JOURNEY acts as a guide and companion, assisting individuals in making meaningful changes in their daily lives, staying connected in hybrid work environments, and achieving their personal and professional goals.




An executive coach for employees at all levels

JOURNEY is the first predictive platform that makes it possible to receive timely insight when the most valuable learning is possible. Journey delivers comprehensive nudges to guide us through our challenges – and our successes – with the people we interact with daily. By tracking and sharing the six key elements of Well Being – and by tapping into the wisdom available – we can identify what works best for ourselves and those we interact with.



Dr. Greg Finch

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Executive Coach

Lorenzo Scardicchio

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Indigo Varela

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