Emotional Intelligence can change the way you view yourself, see the world around you, can change the way you got about the goals you want to achieve.


EQ is an absolutely critical skill because we have more than 400 emotional experiences every day. Whether you are aware of these experiences.

EQ is your ability to understand your emotions and be able to produce the behavior that you want. To help you understand how EQ orates in the brain. I will introduce you to Phones, he was considered to be one of the best leaders of all time. Was a hands-on manager for

What phones would do is

Phineas blew off his

One thing that was missing is how he responds to emotions. Any emotion he had – angry, impulsive, unreliable

Everything you experience in the world around you starts from the base of your brain.

“I was like I have to chase this but if I don’t take this, I’m gonna always be like what the fuck? What did we come here for?”

These emotions happen in a split second before we are able to rationalize it.

IQ and EQ and Personality – stable set of preferences – can be low in one and not the other

Emotional intelligence is absolutely distinct from your IQ, can be high in one and not the other or both,

Personality is a stable set of preferences and tendencies for which you approach the world, it’s fixed at an early age just like your IQ so

If you’re a hopeless extrovert at age 18 you cant expect to change at age 40

Crystallized is fixed, not responsive to change just like iq

EQ on the other hand And emotional intelligence is highly plastic, flexible, and responsive to change, increase the flow of information between

4 EQ Skills

“It turns out that if you drive meaning and purpose at work, people feel more eudaemonic happiness—and when they feel more eudaemonic happiness, they perform better and stick around longer.”

Conductor – spreading happiness that does not come from his own story and joy of music. It’s about enabling other people’s stories to be heard at the same time. Story of the community in the audience, individuals in the audience, story of people who made the beautiful instrument, you become the storyteller for the community


Have to have process and content to bring meaning


Have to listen to ourselves, when you are attached to the piece vs. let go and allow your hand and arm be more of a support system suddenly by holding the drum stick loose and have more dynamic with less effort and you feel at last one with the stick and one with the drum and doing far less

You need time with people to interpret people just like a drum and a stick

As Five9 CEO Rowan Trollope explained, “myself, my leadership team, and hundreds of other Five9 employees are in a Slack channel called Virtual Coffee, and what Donut does is, it will introduce you every two weeks to a random person in that Slack channel, and you have a meeting, a 15 minute, 20 minutes, let’s grab a cup of coffee, virtually.”


GO to market strategy

Helping people learn to lead – methods of anthropology

Hire people who argue with you, sometimes its best to be deliberately fuzzy and vague

Social architect – creating a space where people are willing and able to share their talents and passions


Stopped giving answers and provide solutions

They began to see the people at the bottom of the pyramid, began to look at the bottom of the pyramid, and began to transfer the organization’s growth

Invert the pyramid so that you can unleash the power of money by releasing the string hold of the few, people who are closes to the customers for the source of innovation

innovation is anything that is new or useful, can be incremental or breakthrough, can be a process, product or system


Our role as a leader is to set the stage, not perform on it, reimagine our task, to create the space where everyone’s slices of genius can be unleashed, unharnessed to unleash the works of collective genius



Abrasion – create a marketplace of ideas through debate and discourse, in organizations amplify differences not minimize them. It’s not about brainstorming where people suspend their judgment. Individuals in innovative organizations learn how to inquire and actively listen and also know how to advocate for their point of view. Innovation rarely happens unless you have diversity and conflict.

Agility – is to test and refine the portfolio of ideas – it’s about design thinking where there is a combination of the scientific method and the artistic process. Running a series of experiments and not pilots. Experiments is usually about learning when you get a negative outcome you are still learning something we need to know. Pilots are often about being right, when they don’t work someone or something is to blame.

Doing decision making in a way where you are able to combine to reconfigure them in new combinations to provide a solution that is new and useful, they don’t let one group or individual dominate, create and developed a more patient and more inclusive decision-making process that allows for Both end solutions to arise and not simply either-or solutions (choosing by Virgil Abloh)