What are intentions?

Intentions are passionate desires blended with a goal for an upcoming day, meeting, or experience.

When you set an intention for any result and you believe it will transpire, you send a message to your subconscious signaling the mind to actively search for ways to turn that desire into reality. When you set your intention you are far more likely to achieve the results, ideal experience, or perfect day because you are actively searching for positive ways to make your intention true to you.

For example, you set your intention in the morning to be more light-hearted and playful during the day. Searching for and creating moments of fun, playfulness, and joy throughout your day. Can you then understand how, by setting many powerful intentions every single day can affect your experience in life?

Setting intentions can completely change your perspective and experience in life. Every single moment in life carries a compound effect, that little moment of fun and playfulness with your partner, friend or family. That leads to a stronger, closer relationship in the future which leads to better and better moments, stronger and stronger bonds, happier and happier times. The intention of patience and non-judgment, that builds your strength in that area. In the future, when life provides you with great challenges, your response to those challenges affects your future in a much more positive way than if you didn’t practice that intention. It’s the beginning of a new program.

Until we live with a level of deliberateness in my life I will suffer from an intention deficit disorder. Where we wake up and are mainly reacting to circumstances, living as a reaction to things that are going on in the world but we have no driving intentions for our own life so at the end of the day they’ve simply just managed their reactions to whatever is going on rather than establishing an intention to be my best self to improve in an area in my life. Now when I have intention now the universe, through its’ laws, can begin to help guide our experience in further alignment with what we want.