What is meditation?

There’s meditation where you have insights and then there’s mediation where you’re clearing things. But the average person’s mind is highjacked by the world, media and social media they’re thinking thoughts that don’t even belong to them. They think they’re thinking those thoughts but their mind is obtaining those thoughts from the sea or mental garbage so in meditation you’re purifying your awareness so that I can see the world as it really is and not just as it’s being projected to me.

Until we live with a level of deliberateness in our lives we will continue to suffer from an intention deficit disorder. Where I wake up and I’m mainly reacting to circumstances, living as a reaction to things that are going on in the world but have no driving intentions for our own life so at the end of the day they’ve simply just managed their reactions to whatever is going on rather than establishing an intention to be my best self to improve in an area in my life. Now when I have intention now the universe through its laws can begin to help us intent with that intention but if I don’t have any intention I’m just kind of buffeted around on the oceans of life.