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Industry Type: Human Resources Technology

Location: California

Company Size: Start Up

20/20 Insights is designed to seamlessly fit into the organization’s daily life, providing real-time management and actionable insights. By utilizing organizational insights and algorithms, 20/20 Insights not only tracks key metrics including goal achievement, employee well-being and engagement, strategic plan execution, and utilization rates, but also interprets this data to provide personalized recommendations and alerts.

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IoTech Protect builds communication network infrastructures and develop customized IoT solutions that meet the sustainability challenges of business online and offline.

IoTech creates smart solutions that deliver better, more efficient data infrastructure management and security.


  • Software Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Thoughtspot Integration


  • Ruby on Rails Backend
  • Angular Frontend
  • Data Architecture


  • Cross Platform Integration
  • AI Personalization
  • Integrate Consulting Transcripts

Project Info



20/20 Insights addresses a critical challenge in the modern workplace: bridging the gap between individual employee growth and overarching organizational strategy. Traditional personal development and wellness programs often operate in silos, failing to align with business objectives or adapt to individual needs. 

This disconnect not only hinders personal growth but also limits organizational effectiveness and adaptability in a rapidly changing business environment.


Create a comprehensive solution by integrating AI-driven insights with personalized development strategies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and strategic alignment. Its platform acts as a dynamic coach, offering real-time, actionable guidance tailored to individual and organizational goals. 

Where personal growth directly contributes to business success, making the journey towards well-being and efficiency both measurable and meaningful.


20/20 Insights has positioned itself as an indispensable companion for both individuals and organizations navigating the complexities of modern work life. Its brand strategy emphasizes the fusion of technology with human-centric design, showcasing 20/20 Insights as a pioneering force in predictive personal development. 

By focusing on empowerment, adaptability, and actionable insights, 20/20 Insights differentiates itself as not just another wellness platform but as a transformative tool for achieving personal clarity, purpose, and passion while aligning with organizational objectives. 20/20 Insights is the bridge to a future where personal development and corporate success are inextricably linked, driving forward a new standard for workplace wellness and efficiency.

Needing to create software in today’s AI driven world for such a complex use case was a difficult challenge. We felt it was especially difficult to get right. QWARTER responded with knowledge about current technologies and the best way to get to the most sustainable outcome, combining AI with Holistic Human Coaching and creating an all in one place to track all of it. Now, that.. is delightful. 

Kirsti Tcherkoyan, CEO