The Boujee Healer

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Industry Type: Wellness

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Services: Meditation & Healing

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The Boujee Healer was founded to create transformative conversations with the intention to help others experience peace of mind in knowing that we are not alone in some of the things we may be experiencing. 

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Facilitating meditations and space for healing is held very close to Gayle’s heart and has allowed her to connect lifetime friends while building a strong spiritually aligned community.


  • Custom Website
  • Brand Book
  • Logo Mark


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  • WordPress Build
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The Boujee Healer was founded and born during the peak of the pandemic to help others navigate their health and wellness journey. Given emergent technology, changing consumer behavior and dining preferences, and the extraordinary staffing challenges.

COVID pandemic: temporarily halting all in door dining


Our goal was to overcome this challenge was to turn to technology to ease staffing shortages. Leveraging the website to sell merchandise, developing a highly-active Google My Business, delivering and offering to-go food and cocktails using Grub Hub and Door Dash — remained a small part of solving the challenge. Since recovering from the pandemic, Pineapple Club has maintained a strong lead in the East Village, NY.

Customers have the option to order food, merch, and cocktails online

The Boujee Healer – A Boujee Meditation Experience


A Boujee Meditation Experience 

QWARTER designed the Boujee Healer’s website, brand book, and created a membership portal for Gayle’s clients to have access to exclusive content and classes. Using the Beverly Hills Hotel as design inspiration, Gayle’s vision was to create an experience that was peaceful and calming. The outcome was a website that feels like the beaches in LA and the high-end luxury feel of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.