Thanh Ta

WEBSITE Design & Acuity integration

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Industry Type: Wellness

Location: New York, NY

Services: Pilates

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Thanh’s method focuses on four pillars of wellness: alignment, positioning, movement, and bodywork. Our singular goal was to achieve a holistic design that incorporated all four of the pillars through the use of color and lines. 

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Connect with your body and tap into its innate healing abilities in a safe and supportive environment. From calming your nervous system to improving digestion, each session is tailored to address your unique needs.


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Syncing calendar of already booked clients while enabling new clients to book recurring and one off sessions on-demand


Leveraging Acuity and developing an integration for booking and scheduling directly on the website was part of solving the challenge. The next challenge was creating an easy way to navigate between in-studio, in-home, virtual single sessions or packages.

Clients have the option to book a virtual, in-studio, in-home session or package straight from the menu 


QWARTER designed Thanh’s website, brand guide, and created a booking portal for Thanh’s clients to book directly on the website. Using her four pillars as design inspiration, Thanh’s vision was to create an experience that was a balance between structure and flow.