“Faking joy around others (or on social media) is a quick path to unrelenting depression (and it doesn’t help others’ mental health either).”

In the first quarter of our life, it is our time to make mistakes. To take risks. The 20s are about figuring out our our inner purpose so that we can attract our outer purpose (doing the work we are meant to do). Continuing to make mistakes can be a great way to move forward because you will soon discover what is not your purpose and get one step closer to what is your purpose. It’s very helpful to make mistakes. Because gradually you’ll find what it is that is right for you.

Life is a journey and for the person that cannot enjoy the uncertainty when an adventure comes will be in a continuous state of negativity, fear the feeling of I’d rather be home then here.

20s are for figuring out where you wanna be. There’s a frustration, restlessness to it. But that’s what the 20s or for. I’ve found it important to know this because I’ve spoke to many older, wiser individuals that are doing exactly what they want to be doing but it took so many mistakes to fully commit to doing what they do now. I’ve also kept a journal since I was 18 writing down my experiences and what I believed was my true calling and let me tell you, I am still lost and continuing to filter out what is not for me before settling with any ordinary career or life path that is convenient to follow.

My displeasure of being in this place of restlessness was actually informing me of what I needed to do. I didn’t like it – my displeasure with being there, what I needed to do and bring out, I do not want to do work in retail pharmacy, fashion, I want to make a measurable impact in people’s lives using my learnings for navigating a balanced life filled with flow and ease. 

For those that are looking to get some clarity on purpose, when you allow yourself to be still with it. And you’re not afraid of the uncertainty. The universe rises up to meet you. Coincidences… both the little things and the big things will happen more often. As long as we continue to be alert because when we’re alert (and not in fear), the universe will send us what we need because it recognizes that we are ready and open for it.

The answer can only come from within, a feeling, not a thought from our heads.